Small to Medium Size Businesses

Small to Medium Sized Business Solutions

Small-to-Medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, represent a unique set of challenges and for marketing. Oftentimes, SMBs have a very limited internal marketing capacity, ranging from a small internal team, to one, junior-level marketer, to perhaps no marketing staff at all. LiFT provides the solutions of a full-service marketing agency to be able to step into any of these three scenarios and become the agency of record for the SMB. Our capabilities include:

  • Advertising

  • Branding (Logo, Brand Image Evaluation, etc)

  • Brand Management and Cultivation

  • Website Services (Creation, Edits, UI/UX Audit, etc)

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Audio/Visual Production

  • Event Coverage

By being able to provide these wide-ranging services to SMBs, LiFT can effectively act as a sizeable marketing department staffed with industry experts, at a fraction of the cost of what it would take for a business to hire these experts in-house.

Our blended agency rate and scalable solutions allows our team to devote team hours to any and every client, ensuring that all the marketing needs of our every client are taken care of, and that every client receives personal attention from our senior staff to address concerns and tackle projects.

LiFT’s size and scalability ensures that we are selective about projects and clients we take on. We only take on a client when we can devote the proper amount of time and attention to the account – our philosophy is to be the marketing agency of record for our SMB clients, and be available for them in the same way that an in-house marketing team would be. This approach, combined with our experience and a dedication to real results makes LiFT an affordable and more effective option than an in-house marketing agency for any SMB.

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