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LiFT Digital Media functions on the principles of personal responsibility, accountability, an unwavering dedication to timely delivery, and a committed hands-on approach to every project regardless of size. Every member of our team takes on every client, every project and every task as an Account Manager, making sure that delivery is consistent, flawless and on-time, every time.

LiFT takes on a limited number of clients, and chooses who we work with carefully. Once on-boarded, our clients receive a level of production and personal attention unparalleled in the industry. Every member of our team truly loves what they do, and are excited, happy and eager to respond to client concerns,requests or suggestions whenever, wherever.

When we are away from increasing our clients' leads, sales and marketing ROI, our team keeps up an active and exciting lifestyle complete with promotional events, race track days, movies and charity/philanthropic work. We encourage shared interest and enjoy spending time together to strengthen our team and enjoy each other's hobbies.

Hypertargeted Advertising

We've developed and perfected a proprietary method for leveraging Big Data and robust analytical tools to find our clients' ideal customer, determine where they are living and interacting online, learn their interests and behaviors, and place specially-created advertisements that speak directly to them, their needs and their interests. No other advertising method delivers this ability to target ONLY your ideal client, and avoiding reaching those who are not likely to engage with your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media networks have millions of daily users of all ages, interests and behaviors. 88% of Americans use Social Media on a daily basis to interact with friends, catch upon news and current events, and follow their favorite businesses, organizations and influencers. LiFT’s strategic placement of relevant content and adverting on social networks increases our client’s brand affinity, and assists with conversion into leads & sales.

Search Engine Marketing

Nearly 98% of online users utilize search engines to find news, answers and businesses to engage with. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the science of making sure our clients show up to their targeted audience as a search results before their competition does. The concept is simple, but the practice involves a deep dive into behavioral analytics, keyword research and a formulation of a strategy that serves the unique purposes of every client. Once launched, we continuously improve the strategy for maximum results.  

Email Marketing

Stay top of mind with your potential customers by reaching them through their email inbox with relevant content, exclusive deals and important information about your brand that turns a perspective customer into a conversion. Our email marketing campaigns are expertly-designed by our graphics team, and distributed strategically based on customer analytics and data. We’ve brought tens of thousands of dollars in direct revenue from our email marketing campaigns for clients – let’s do the same for you!

Website Design & Development

Studies show that 86% of online users will click away from a website they are interested if it does not load in 3 seconds. That is a problem if your website loads in 4 seconds or more. Our UX/UI team can perform a thorough website analysis to determine where user experience leads to drop-offs, and rebuild your website with a fresh, modern and mobile-responsive redesign that will ensure that 86% stays, reads, interacts and converts.

Digital Strategy

Access to and analytics of Big Data, and years of experience in the advertising and digital marketing arenas give our team an advantage in being able to craft digital strategies individually-catered to the needs of every client. We take the time to get to know our clients, their strengths and areas of concern, and come up with an analytics-driven digital strategy encompassing a detailed outline of how we will use the allotted budget to best serve the client.

Public Relations

Public Relations have come a long way from the days of pitching stories to journalists over the phone. Our strategic digital press release distribution services allow our clients’ news and highlights to be featured in hundreds of high-profile publications and be exposed to a readership audience of tens of millions of potential customers, leads and sales. We strategically time the distribution of press releases for our clients to ensure maximum visibility.

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