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Enterprise-level businesses have wide-ranging marketing needs. Most large-sized businesses have an internal marketing team dedicated to day-to-day marketing operations.

LiFT works with a number of enterprise-level clients alongside their in-house marketing team to tackle specific projects, or provide consulting services in a specific area of marketing or advertising for the client, on either an ongoing or a one-time basis.

Supplementing an in-house marketing team with LiFT has several advantages for enterprise-level organizations:


LiFT’s team brings years of experience in online advertising to any client. Having founded and pioneered Hypertargeted Advertising, LiFT’s advertising team aredata, analytics, placement and ad-buying experts. LiFT creates campaigns that consistently reach more of the target audience, return more results and lead tomore ROI than less-experienced agency or in-house teams for our enterprise clients. Our expert UX/UI team audit any website and present findings on how to improve user flow and eliminate bottlenecks, while our Analytics team analyze where users are dropping off and suggest site improvements. Our enterprise clients bring in LiFT for high-level expertise in one discipline, or as a consultant on a variety of marketing directions.


Because LiFT is not a full-time employee, our involvement with any marketing project can be:

LiFT’s involvement can be easily scaled back or increased depending on the enterprise client’s need, without the difficulties of hiring, training or cutting an in-house team.


LiFT’s size ensures that all our enterprise clients have access to our senior staff for questions, concerns and updates. Our in-depth task management, reporting,analytics and data presentation ensures that LiFT’s clients have a clear understanding of how their marketing investment was spent, and what results it yielded.

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