Our LiFT Strategy

How We Get Things Done

Our LiFT team thrives on analytics and numbers. However, our clients are not numbers – our philosophy is an individual, personalized approach to every client and every new project. We’ve broken down our unique approach into 5 structured stages:  Discovery, Formulation, Campaign Development, Campaign Launch and Verification & Analysis. Every stage is an essential step in ensuring every client and every project are receiving the best possible results, and enjoying the best possible ROI for their marketing budget. Let’s delve into what separates us from the competition when it comes to the data-driven, analytical approach and hands-on, personal care for our clients.

Stage 1 - Discovery

There is no better way to get to know a client than by talking with them. This is exactly what we do as the first step in our relationship – a kick-off meeting where our team gets to know our client’s team. Our proprietary client questionnaire, developed through market research of the Harvard Business School, consists of getting to know the client’s organization and offerings, determining the strengths of the client’s products or services, successes and pinpoints of current customer/sales acquisitions, and determines the ideal target audience that LiFT will target in order to increase that acquisition rate.    

Stage 2 - Formulation

Once the kick-off meeting has been completed, our research and analytics team gets to work. An internal strategy session is scheduled to come up with a tentative plan of action for campaign development. Following the strategy session meeting and formulation, we delve into analytics to come up with a detailed strategy plan on how to best reach our client’s target audience. We also use analytics to find and offer additional audience segments that fit the client’s criteria, where they live online, and how to best approach them with hyper targeted advertising in order to influence their purchasing decisions.

Stage 3 - Campaign Development

After a presentation and client approval of our proposed strategy plan, our operations team gets to work with campaign development. This is a multi-step process involving our graphics designers creating unique visuals for advertisements, our content team creating memorable calls to action, and our advertising team building the hyper targeted ad segments and budget allocation outlined in the strategy session. This is an opportunity for LiFT to review the proposed strategy an extra time. Once all the pieces are complete, the final product is presented to the client for final approval before it is launched.

Stage 4 - Campaign Launch

Once the campaigns are launched, our work is only just beginning. There are multiple steps to ensuring that all ads run properly and are approved by the advertising networks we are running them on. Our advertising team works very closely with the advertising networks on Google and Facebook, contacting our dedicated representatives on behalf of our clients if there are any issues with ad distribution or approval. We diligently monitor every ad on every network to make sure that our hyper targeted audience is being reached consistently, and turn off/reallocate budget from any and all underperforming ads.

Stage 5 - Verification & Analysis

The work of verifying and analyzing results from our hyper targeted ads and audience segments continues throughout the life of the campaign. We continuously reallocate budgets based on our initial analysis from underperforming ads, create additional audience segments to test out new approaches and turn off entire segments we deem to be not efficiently reaching our client’s ideal audience members. After a full month of ad performance and analysis, we put together a detailed analytics report that we present to our clients, showcasing what works, and offering educated recommendations on how to reallocate budget from what isn’t performing.

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