LiFTing Our Clients & Our Community

Our team works hard to build better, more successful businesses for our clients. We also work hard to build a better community through support of charities and community organization, local, and worldwide.

On Christmas 2016, members of our team engaged in what we hope to become a yearly tradition – we donated to a charity or cause of our choice, ranging from education to youth inner-city sports to make a few strangers’ Christmas just a little bit brighter.

We are passionate about Autism Awareness, having a mom of two wonderful Autistic boys on our team.

One of the members of our team traveled to the Dominican Republic to participate in a Medical Mission, spending his vacation assisting in over 50 surgeries.

Our Founder, Jonathan Brownfield, serves on a number of non-profit boards and membership committees to make our local community a better place to live, work, and play.

Here are a few of the organizations we proudly have supported over the years:

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