About Lily Harbers

Lily Harbers

Marketing Assistant

Lily Harbers joined in March of 2022 as LiFT’s Digital Media's Marketing Assistant, specializing in social media engagement, listening and support. In addition to creating and cultivating online conversations for LiFT's clients, Lily also supports the art department with digital graphics design, and the management team with administrative & support work. Outside of the office, Lily is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys traveling to gain new experiences and perspectives on life.

In 2021, Lily graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications from Florida International University. She returned to Florida International University later in 2021, to further her education with a Master's of Science in Mass Communications.

A client's online presence is essential for a positive brand image; it is a calling card that is always visible. Ask Lily how LiFT can cultivate a positive online experience for your existing or potential clients. At LiFT, we are our clients!