About Cathryn Roberts

Cathryn roberts

Content Director

Cat Roberts is LiFT Digital Media’s Content Director. Specializing in content themes, concepts, and strategy, Cat’s creative focus is on achieving big-picture end goals by breaking down complex, multifaceted ideas into incremental, detail-oriented efforts.

Originally from an eclectic, liberal arts background, Cat graduated Summa Cum Laude on a full academic scholarship with a dual degree in English and Theater Arts and a minor in Spanish. Other academic grants and awards include the Louis E. Robert’s Prize for demonstrating versatility and excellence in the performing arts department, and the Francis Russel Hart Prize for her work in mentoring and teaching veterans returning to higher education after their years of service.

Following her university experience, Cat took a role as a principal actor and social media influencer in the political production Kultar’s Mime, which toured both nationally and abroad in India, Canada, and the UK.

A decorated Fulbright Fellow, Cat has performed research on international education while living in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu as a spoken English teacher as part of the Fulbright grant program sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

With a diverse portfolio of professional experience, Cat has enjoyed creative roles in content creation and marketing at TripAdvisor and Citizens Bank, as well as analytical roles such as in her role as a business analyst for Waste Management.