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Glen Fields

Digital Marketing Director

Glen Fields is LiFT's Digital Marketing Director, who specializes in strategic ad buying, analytics, marketing strategy, and overseeing LiFT's day-to-day operations to ensure the CEO’s client-specific strategy and vision are realized and carried out.

Glen started out in the high-stakes world of government & government contracting work, and brings years of in-house and agency marketing experience to the LiFT team. Years of strict adherence to laws, rules and guidelines honed a methodical and precise approach to every new project and strategy, creating a winning combination of creativity and efficient execution.

Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Glen graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park. He is a proud Terp, a proud dog parent, a devoted husband and a hard-nosed team captain both at work and on the field. When not building better brands, Glen is competing in various sports, at the gym or enjoying a race track day with LiFT's CEO, Jonathan Brownfield.

Glen’s has multiple success LiFT client stories under his belt with increased brand awareness, leads, sales and ROI for political candidates, private schools, yacht dealers automotive subscriptions, sports teams and air shows. He and his team have the experience, the tools and the know-how for your brand to become LiFT next success story.

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